Sara Crow

Director of The Pilates Space

Mixed Ability Classes: Tuesday: 9:30am, 10:45am, 12:00pm
                                        Wednesday: 9:30am, 10:45am

Sara Crow is the founder and director of The Pilates Space. She is trained to teach both matwork and machine work to an advanced level. She has been teaching for the past 17 years, during which time she has built an excellent body of knowledge to help hundreds of clients with a variety of postural problems and conditions and others who simply want to stay fit and healthy through Pilates.

Pilates and bodywork have been a part of Sara's life for the past 25 years. She originally trained as a dancer and Pilates formed an integral part of her five years training. Most importantly Pilates helped Sara to overcome a serious injury and to go on to have a successful and healthy career as a dancer and choreographer.

In 2002 Sara completed a year long intensive apprenticeship at the renowned Pilates International Studio in London (one of the first Pilates studios to open in the UK), and has been teaching since, both in London and in Hertfordshire.
She has continued to take courses, including a certificate in Pilates and Pregnancy, a diploma in Anatomy, Physiology and Massage and an 18 month teaching training certificate in Yoga. She is a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) Level 3.

Sara remains passionate about the way that Pilates can transform peoples bodies, leaving them free of pain, and teaching them a new level of body awareness that will stay with them forever.

Rita Lampen

Mixed Ability Classes: Monday: 6pm, 7:15pm, 8:30pm
Bone Health Class: Thursday 1:30pm

Rita discovered Pilates while working as a jewellery designer, seeking to relieve the tension of constantly bending over a workbench. The wellbeing gained from Pilates reconnected Rita to her lifelong love of movement, dance and yoga. She embarked on a career change and qualified as a Level 3 Matwork Teacher with Body Control Pilates in 2010 - a move that Rita has not regretted for a moment!

Rita is also qualified to teach ante and postnatal Pilates, as well as clients with osteoporosis. "It is a joy and a privilege to witness people rediscover freedom of movement, better posture and the wellbeing of feeling happily at home in their body. It is never too early or too late to look after yourself - my clients range from teenagers to octogenarians!"

Rita is passionate about deepening her teaching skills and understanding of the human body and mind, and regularly attends further professional development workshops.

Guro Eide

Mixed Ability Class: Thursday: 9:45am
Gentle Backcare Pilates: Thursday 11am

Guro discovered Pilates in 2005, attending Sara Crow’s classes in Hitchin, and has not looked back since. After repeat visits to the physiotherapist for back and shoulder pain, she finally found help in Pilates, immediately recognising the benefits. Pilates improved not only her back and shoulder pain, but also her core strength and posture, as well as helping her to relax and release tension. Guro enjoyed Pilates throughout her two pregnancies, and believes that this contributed hugely to two pain-free pregnancies and quick recoveries.

As her passion for Pilates grew, realising the huge and wide-ranging benefits of the technique, she decided to turn a passion into a career. Guro qualified with Body Control Pilates in 2012 as a Level 3 matwork teacher, and is now qualified to Intermediate level. She is also qualified in teaching ante-and postnatal Pilates, and has completed courses for Bone Health and Pilates for Children.  She is a member of the Register for Exerercise Professionals (REPs), and keeps updating and expanding her knowledge of the human body and mind by attending Body Control Pilates courses, as well as other professional workshops.  

Guro’s new career allows her to do what she loves and passionately believes in, whilst helping others, improving their health, core strength and mobility. The benefits of Pilates are too great not to be shared.

Maiwenn Langlois

Mixed Ability Classes: Monday 12pm
                                       Wednesday: 6pm, 7:15pm & 8:30pm

                                       Friday: 1:45pm
Postnatal Classes:       Friday 11:15am and 12:30pm

Throughout her life Maiwenn has explored a passion for movement through many years of dance, Yoga and Thai boxing. She stumbled across Pilates as a way to find relief from sporting injuries and daily back pain. Astounded by the impact it had on her daily routine, as well as the positive results in the boxing ring, she was empowered to share Pilates with others.

She trained with the renowned Body Control Pilates Institute London, where she obtained a REPS Level 4 Specialist Exercise Instructor and Basic matwork teacher certification. Along with various pilates workshops, frequent trips to the Yoga Retreat and Siam Healing Centre, Thailand where she graduated as a Thai Massage Practitioner, she continues to expand her knowledge of the body and apply it to all aspects of her life.

She is driven to fully understand and challenge the human body. Her passion is to get people healthy and to feel at peace with their bodies regardless of shape, size or natural ability.

Every client is evaluated through programs built on the integrity of 'Joseph Pilates' classical technique. Just as importantly creativity and her ability to have a giggle will keep sessions fun and fresh!

Andie Shelton

Antenatal Class: Friday: 6:15pm
Mixed Ability Class: Friday: 7:30pm

Andie's background began in dance. She started ballet when she was three at The Armstrong Stage School in Derby. She attended dance teacher training college in Bushey, Watford where she graduated with ISTD Imperial Ballet, Tap, Modern and National Dance. 

10 years ago she also trained in Exercise to Music through the YMCA fit, and now teaches, Aerobics, Legs Bums and Tums, Aqua, Core Stability, Studio Resistance Training, Fat Burner and Abdominal sessions in various different gyms and leisure centres in the area.

She started taking Pilate’s lessons a few years ago and this inspired her to train with Body Control Pilates as a teacher which she absolutely loves!

Hannah Pic LCHL.jpg

Hannah Ford

Mixed Ability Classes: Monday: 9.30am & 10.45am

Hannah has always had an interest and enjoyment in movement including Pilates, Yoga, Ballet, Modern Dance, Tap Dance and Thai Chi. Prior to teaching Pilates Hannah did a degree in Psychology and then went on to train to be an Occupational Therapist. She worked for 7 years as an Occupational Therapist in the NHS providing functional rehabilitation therapy to adults with complex health needs, including those with neurological, orthopaedic, and cardiac conditions.

Hannah discovered Pilates after having 2 children and found it enabled her to regain physical strength and fitness. She found it gave her the confidence to progress in her own Pilates practise and to engage in other exercise such as running which she enjoys doing regularly. Hannah is passionate about the benefits that can be gained from Pilates for everybody, whether for rehabilitation, progression of physical fitness or for the prevention of injury through well aligned movement. This enthusiasm led her to train to teach Pilates. Hannah is now a qualified Pilates instructor having completed Level 3 Matwork training with Body Control Pilates. She has also done further courses in: Matwork Evolution, Pilates for Bone Health and Pilates for Runners.

Rhiannon Sanders

Mixed Ability Classes: Saturday: 8.30am, 9.40am, 10.45am

Rhiannon started performing on stage from the age of three. Through the mediums of dance and gymnastics she earned a renowned scholarship with Italia Conti and loved competing annually at international Cheerleading events.
Whilst she has always maintained the keenest interest in health and fitness, it was the realisation through personal work experience that the pressures of modern day living were ‘key’ negative factors to personal well-being. Commuting, office based positions and manual labour whether domestic or in the workplace all had physical and psychological affects on the body.
This experience was the driving force that channelled Rhiannon’s energy into fully understanding body mechanics and how social environmental factors as well as illness and injury affect peoples lives. She was determined to use this knowledge combined with her interest in fitness to identify the most effective method of helping people of all ages and abilities to improve the quality of their lives and lift their confidence. Rhiannon chose Pilates and recently qualified with the Body Control Pilates Method. She is a warm and engaging character with an inclusive mindset that will always identify and address individual needs even in a class environment.

Helen Wynne.jpg

Helen Wynne

Mixed Ability Classes: Tuesday: 6pm, 7:15pm, 8:30pm
Thursday: 7:15pm, 8:30pm

Helen first discovered Pilates when she suffered a back injury in 2016 which saw the end of her career as an Exercise to Music Instructor. She was advised by her physiotherapist to take up 1:1 Pilates sessions with Sara Crow as part of her rehabilitation and was astounded by the effect it had on her recovery. She went from thinking Pilates was boring to being absolutely in awe of the method, often giving her PT clients Pilates based exercises to create a well rounded training programme. She decided to pursue Pilates as a career and gained a qualification in 2018 in Level 3 Mat Pilates and Pilates for Orthopaedic Conditions. She is currently studying for a qualification in Pre and Postnatal Pilates.

Pilates has completely changed Helen’s life and she is passionate about helping others to feel stronger and move better in the body they have. Please take a look at Helen’s website if you want to find out a bit more about her and how she came to fall in love with Pilates!